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A Christmas gift from VCV

On behalf of VCV, I would like to thank all of the members who have supported this great organisation throughout 2013. We hope you have been inspired by the Annual Conference and other professional learning events, student seminars, current resources and monthly newsletters. This Anatomy of Type poster will be sent to all current members in the December newsletter, to download as A4 for students and A3 or A2 for the design classroom wall.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and don't forget to relax while on holidays, pick up a pencil and draw, and get ready for another exciting year of design.

Remember to enter the Typography as Signage competition to be in the running to win Typography Sketchbooks (reviewed on the VCV website). Details will be published in the December newsletter for current members.


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The industries and careers that both stem from and contribute to Visual Communication and Design vary greatly in applied skill, knowledge and complexity. However, the one common attribute between them all is that way in which they contribute to society.

The following weblinks showcase a variety of professional designers working in various fields of Visual Communication and Design.

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