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Update your skills, network and be inspired at VisCon 2017

VCV Annual conference Friday 24th & Saturday 25th November

Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn

Keep your eyes on the VCV website and emails as further information is provided. Bookings will be open by the end of Term 2.

Put these dates in your diary now!

The conference provides attendees with a broad range of opportunities to network with other professionals, both teaching and industry, and hear and learn from others. Participants will see a showcase of new and innovative art, design and technology materials, methods and media. In particular, there will be a range of workshops and discussion/information sessions aimed at increasing your understanding and skills in the teaching of Visual Communication Design.


VISCON 2017 - VCV  CONFERENCE November 24th & 25th, Swinburne

 Michael Henderson






Associate Professor Michael Henderson

Faculty of Education, Monash University

Twitter: @mjhenderson

Michael is an Associate Professor in Educational Technology in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. Michael spends most of his time being enjoyably frustrated with educational technologies. He argues that technologies are not simple solutions and cannot be simply parachuted from one classroom to the next - but with them we can playfully design opportunities for learning – for both students and teachers. His research spans early childhood through to secondary and tertiary settings and he has recently published a new edited collection on “Teaching and Digital Technologies: critical issues and big ideas.” He leads the Learning with New Media Research Group and is a lead editor of the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. Over the past decade Michael has provided expert advice on a range of digital education topics including social media and risk taking, design thinking and creativity to Australian and international agencies, and is currently co-leading the UNESCO sponsored EDUsummIT working group for creativity and digital technologies.

Keynote: The wicked problem of digital technologies: the need for playfulness

What would happen if we were more playful in thinking about digital technologies in education? Digital technologies are often talked about as solutions – artefacts and practices that can be simply parachuted from one classroom to the next to solve problems or improve outcomes. While there is the potential for great results, they are rarely achieved without considerable skill and orchestration by educators who can adapt to the ripples of complexity caused by inserting new technologies and practices. For some of us this is a challenge we can thrive on – constantly adapting and innovating. For some of our colleagues, and for some of our students, it creates a difficult and sometimes an insurmountable barrier. Every day, and perhaps even more so with the changing curriculum, we are faced with the ‘wicked problem’ of bringing together the potentiality of technology with the complexity of education, not least the diversity of students, teachers, schools and policy. However, this is not something we can or should shy away from. Instead we can celebrate the wicked complexity of digital technologies in education and use the opportunity to leverage new ways of thinking, teaching and working. In this keynote I will talk about the wicked problem we face, and how we can borrow from design thinking to simultaneously engage in critical, optimistic and pragmatic futures. In addition, I will talk about the potential flaw in design thinking and how playfulness might hold the key - for teaching, learning and even school reform


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